How to Sign Up

How to sign up for a sport:

Step 1:    

Listen for an announcement and look for flyers that are posted regarding a preseason meeting. This meeting will provide the athlete with important information regarding dates, locations, times of tryouts and practices. 

Step 2:

A parent or guardian must do the online sign up. Visit the athletic website to sign up for the sport (everything is online). Click on the athletic clearance link.  This can be done on your computer or smartphone from anywhere. The online registration site will only be open starting 30 days prior to the 1st day that sport begins .  For example if Girls Soccer tryouts start on August 15th then the online sign up will be open 30 days prior on July 15th and will close the day before on August 14th. 

Step 3:

Make sure your son/daughter has a physical within the past year of the start of that sport.  For example if basketball starts on November 15 2017 your son or daughter needs to have a physical from November 2016 or sooner.  This physical needs to be on file in the health office

Step 4:

If you have not attended a preseason meeting (all coaches hold at least one) and you are unsure about when or where a tryout for a sport is please contact the athletic office via phone or email. 

Sport Dates:

Vary year to year, below are estimates (contact the athletic office if you need exact info).  Sign ups are 30 days prior to the following dates online:

Fall Sports:

V and JV:              Always start in mid August

Modified:              Starts the first day of school

Winter Sports:        

Varsity and JV:      Early November

 Modified:             Mid November

Spring Sports:

Varsity and JV:      Early March

Modified:              End of March

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