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Spectator Code of Conduct

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Dear Parents, Athletes and Coaches:

Congratulations on your selection as a member of this year’s winter athletic team. Being an athlete on one of our teams is a privilege and with this comes responsibilities that all of our athletes and parents must follow in order to continue the excellent tradition that our program has established.

I must remind you that our school and athletic department expect you to be pro-active and very positive when supporting our team. This encouraging attitude allows our athletes to feel that they are being supported by our fans on and off the field, and allows them to play at the very highest levels of achievement.

“The Athletic Department recognizes the role of interscholastic athletics in defining ethical behavior and developing personal character of our students. Therefore we ask that all spectators become active participants by;

  • Demonstrating a high degree of sportsmanship by modeling appropriate behavior and by also monitoring the behavior of our crowd.

  • Showing team support by making only positive comments and by using appropriate language.

  • Showing positive respect for judgment of coaches, officials, and referees.

  • Acknowledging that fields, courts, bench area and equipment are the player’s domain during a contest. Spectators should remain within the designated areas.

  • Monitoring the safety of children at all times.

  • The Athletic Director or any school personnel has the right to ask a fan, parent or spectator to leave the premises if he/she crosses the line of good spectator behavior. It is truly a privilege to watch our students participate during a game and as such, the Eastchester school district expects all of our fans to behave in a very positive manner.

  • Noisemakers, air horns and any other items that can be a nuisance or a safety concern to spectators and athletes during a game are prohibited during all athletic contests. This is a Section I policy.”

Your continued attendance, positive enthusiasm and support of our athletes is greatly appreciated, however, in an effort to continue to achieve our goals as athletes and parents, inappropriate behavior that violates our Spectator Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and will be handled accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Athletic Spectator Code of Conduct.


Jason Karol

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